Who We Are

People who can fix things have stuff: motors to be repaired, scrap metal to build things, unfinished projects. When these people are a glassblower and a master machinist/inventor, you get alot of really eclectic stuff. 

Metalmorph is the collaboration of husband/wife team Paul and Leslie Wilton.  He is a master machinist and inventor.  She is a glassblower (and not that little dinky Disneyland glassblowing stuff either).  They fell into up cycled metal sculpting almost by accident.   

We had no idea we were destined to do this.  We've always collected stuff: motors to be repaired, scrap metal to build things, stuff for future projects.  One day we started collecting other peoples stuff.  Cool old gigantic tools, obsolete adding machines, rusty remnants of random rubbish, all of it too glorious to throw away. 

Eight years ago, inspired by a bunch of our really cool treasures, I thought about this scarecrow I always wanted to make, and...voila, Weego was born a few days later.  From that moment on something in us snapped. A switch had been flipped and all of a sudden sculptures were flying out of the shop.  Now we were ready to share them with the world!

Explore our sculptures around San Diego county through the homepage links.  We also have an Open Studio Tour and Sale twice a year at our studio in Escondido.  To be invited to our sales and special events just sign our mailing list. 

Something else we create are memorial sculptures from your family tools and treasures.  Maybe it's Dad's old tools, maybe Mom's kitchen gadgets.  Whatever you've got, we can turn them into a memorable sculpture to remind you of your loved one.   Commissions are welcome.


  Thanks for your interest.