Deep Ocean Zen Garden Bell-It's in a Show!!!

$ 2,200.00

Deep Ocean takes it's inspiration from the sea.  There are elements of the sea and sea life inherent within it's design from the globe on top which represents the world, to the 8 wrought iron arms that billow from the worlds base like a squid.  Deep Ocean has a wind chime like sound powered by the anchor-like clanger.  Finished in natural patinas of blue, green and brown, Deep Ocean lends an aquatic flare to your yard or pool area.

This piece is unavailable until next June 2022.  If you would like to see it live and in person it will be at the Carlsbad Sculpture Garden starting May 3, 2021.  The Sculpture Garden is located at 2955 Elmwood Street, Carlsbad, CA. 92008. Check it out and if you would like to purchase it for installation after June 2022 please let me know.  

65"H x 28"W x 28"D

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